Monday, March 17, 2008

Footings and Doors

We are making lots of progress on our house (thanks to our super builders!)
These pics are a few days old though.
The footings have been boxed out in this pic...

Since these photos were taken the footings have been fully boxed up, the plumber has been and put the pipes for our toilets, showers, hotwater cylinder etc..
The steel has been layed, an inspection by the council has occurred and today the concrete is being poured!
Over the weekend the block layers will be doing the retaining walls - what awesome guys for working over Easter!
This past weekend Paul and I were busy making a start on our internal doors we got off trademe. They need to be stripped of the varnish and stain. We didnt have the other tools that we needed to get into the corners and other fiddly bits handy though so we couldnt completely finish them. We have five of these in total.
Getting there.. they are going to look so nice once they are finished and coated with a wood moisturiser.

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