Monday, February 25, 2008

The start of the demolision

Saturday 23rd February...

The wall has been taken out between the bedroom and lounge

Below, view from the dining room

View from the dining room into the bathroom/laundry

The bricks that have come out of our fireplace. There are HEAPs more under the house... yet to be decided if its worth taking them down to sell or just getting the digger driver to smash it down and take it away.
The back porch has almost been taken down.
The weatherboard down the side of the house has been taken off.

One of the fab builders!!! (Definately helps to have a father and a brother who are handy!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

We have finally started!!!!!

Well after 5 and half years of dreaming about rennovating our house we have finally started. As of the 18th February 2008 we are no longer residing in the house because there is only one room in the house that is staying the same... and for anyone who has rennovated before they know its not pleasent living around such chaos so we were just not even going to contemplate this with such an active two year old!

I took some photos of our house after we moved out all our furniture but before the demo work had started. Here it is.. as you can see it has a lot of work that needs to be done even in its current form, the poor neglected house has been waiting for over 5 years for a paint job inside and out and is in desperate need of bringing into the 21st century.

Front of the house, the entrance way is currently on the side, but we will be expanding it out so when you look down the path you will see the front door.

Entry way

The dinning room. There used to be a VERY ugly fireplace in the corner that we took out before Logan was born two years ago. That whole wall is going to be taken down where the door is so it flows right through to the lounge.
The bathroom. The hallway is going to be widened slightly.. there will be a toilet at the end of the hallway and a door to the main bathroom off the hallway to the right.
Yuck! I dont know how we put up with it for so long. The toilet will be facing the opposite direction to the bath...
The kitchen... yay! good riddence to this horrible sight.
Logans room.. the only room that is not being altered. This will turn back into our study once the house has been completed - this is awesome because we can close the door to the mess it usually becomes. :)
The lounge. This fireplace will come down too as the house is being lifted so the foundation of the fireplace will become unsafe. We will however put in a new fire in the same place when the budget allows... not sure what we'll do with the space in the meantime.. any suggestions welcome.
The view out to the front of the house. See the wall to the left? That will be taken out and the lounge extended right across the front of the house.
Ah.. cute peice of furniture!
Master bedroom... wardrobe will be taken out as will the wall behind it and the wall to the left making it a big lounge.
This window is being taken out and replaced with a french door and a deck extending across to the paved area in the front.
The back of the house... this is going to be extended by about 1.5 mtrs (the porch width plus another 1/2 mtr) right across the back of the house. The porch will be taken down.. a door will be where the back window is approximately, a bi fold window put in slightly further over and a deck built off the back which will double as a carport.

I know you've been wondering where we are putting more bedrooms?

We are going under! On Monday the house lifters come and lift the house up by 400mm (a requirement by the council - a very expensive requirement might I add) then the digger guy will come and take out about 25 truck loads of dirt. Stairs to get down will be near the entrance way.

Our backyard sadly neglected in the weeks leading up to the shift... the lawnmower was happy to have a break. We will loose about half of it to the extension of the driveway/carport.
The driveway.. all the of the bedrooms will be along this wall downstairs. Three in total.
The laundry/toilet. As per above the toilet is being shifted forward off the hallway... this space will now become the main bathroom but it will be another metre and a half wider out the back.

Expected time frame is approx 4 months.