Monday, August 25, 2008

Updated Pics

Here are a few more pics after things have been done/organised.

Kitchen: The tiles have been done around the bench and splashback.
The pantry has been organsied and 'someone' went mad with the label machine
Bathroom.. a little decorating
Tiles around the bath - on the look out for something to put on the walls to make it look a bit more homely.
Dinning room to lounge

Monday, August 11, 2008

We made it!!!!!!!

We finally moved back in last weekend (I think it was one week shy of six months) It feels so good to be home.

For the most part we are unpacked.

The dinning room.

The kitchen.. I love my kitchen!
The pantry... awesome! The doors are going to be taken off in the coming weeks and sent to the finishers to be spray painted the same white as the kitchen cabinets. I need to get some sort of order to the pantry but at least it fits everything *wink*
Doors closed... Dad is installing bi-fold runners today.
The little inspectors first bath in the HUGE bathtub. He enjoyed himself!
The lounge... note the new addition to our family a nice 42" LCD that I won from ASB. It feels so much nicer than our old lounge, very cosy but not cramped. Funny as the way we've set it up its actually only 1/2 a metre wider than our old lounge yet it makes all the difference.
Master bedroom... wow I knew it was going to be big but its HUGE! The first night we didnt sleep very well as I dont think either of us were used to so much space around us.

The litte inspectors room... he was incredibly happy to have all his stuff around him again, I'd put away lots of toys that he was given for his last birthday but were still a bit old for him yet. Now they are perfect and he is having lots of fun playing with them.

Will update with some other pics when we get them sorted.. the main bathroom is having tiles put up today, the spare room gets its first guest this weekend so I will finish tidying that tonight.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I just wanted to come on and say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped make this dream come true. We have had tremendous support from our family and friends, without them we could not have even contemplated rennovating our house.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts xxxxx

Monday, August 4, 2008

We are almost there... 5 more sleeps

The benchtop was installed today, I love it.. it will be so easy to keep clean. It is 95% quartz.

Carpet has also started to be installed. It will be finished tomorrow.
Our bedroom.. I hung the curtains in the weekend and am hoping given a few more weeks they will be come less stiff and sit properly.

The little inspector was super excited about the carpet in his room.... and the two curtains... and the three lights he has in his room. He was terribly cute - hes got a lot of energy at the best of times but we have never seen him quite so hyper before!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

One week to go!!!!!

Its all coming together now with one more week till we move back home (big Yay)
We had a leak in the roof during the week unfortunately which has caused the paint to peel in the kitchen :(
And the benchtop installer let me down by not arriving as planned today, I was so looking forward to seeing my kitchen almost finished. You'll notice we've had the cabinets repainted from the delightful apricot colour to white and new handles will be going on over the weekend.
the floor is looking sooooo nice.... the little inspector has had lots of fun running around on them already..
The little inspectors bathroom (the cabinet is to be moved to the left a bit)
Our ensuite (similar to the above except for the double handbasin)
And our wardrobe (walk in of course) Our wonderful builder scored some meltica super cheap so made up some organisers - the man of the house still thinks they are a waste of time though as everything gets filed "On the floor" *rolleyes*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Floors are looking awesome

Our floors are looking great.. but have caused a little stress.

We booked the vinyl layer to lay the vinyl downstairs in the bathrooms/laundry yesterday, he turned up and walked off the job immediately because he refused to work with the smell. Of course this didnt work for us as we have the plumber turning up on monday to fit our bathroom fixtures. So I fired him and hired the same company that is laying our carpet. They were great, appointed their vinyl layer at short notice and barely any difference in price.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Start of the floor sanding

The next exciting part of our rennovation, getting the floors sanded.

To this.....
(they have only had one sand so far and the edges havent been done yet)

To this..... nice :)

The count down is on!!!!!!

We did it! All the main painting has been completed inside. There is still a bit of finishing to do around windows/doors and the stairs but its not going to be so labour intensive as the past two weeks have been. My poor husband worked 13 days out of the last 14 making this happen!

Down the stairs.. carpet is being laid in two weeks time.
At the bottom of the stairs (check out the storage - yay)
Down the hall from the master bedroom.

Master bedroom
Spare room
Logan's room
The floors are being sanded now, the vinyl is being laid at the end of this week, plumber & electrician in next week and then final touch ups of paint then we are all good to go moving back in on the 9th of August.

We will have been out of our house for one week shy of 6 months.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Entry way

Kitchen has been painted

And I think it looks great!!! I love the colour - it looks blue in these pics but its actually a light grey with a slight blue tinge to it. The cabinets need to be resurfaced but it all depends on cost as to when this will be done.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And the painting continues

The whole top half has almost been finished, with just two coats left to do on the kitchen and the doors and windows to be finished. It is looking soooo good and we cant wait to get the floors sanded upstairs the week after next.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The painting has begun

We have spent our first weekend painting at the house, as the gib stoppers havent finished their part we made a start on all the fiddly bits like the windows and doors and door frames.

The gib stoppers are going full steam ahead this week (after a reve up from our builder) and should be finished by this weekend. Which is lucky as we have organised a painting party to make a start on the walls this weekend - any help greatly received! *smile* . Its a huge job and although Paul has two weeks off work its too big of a job for one person to tackle in the short space of time we have - we really want to move back as soon as possible and the only thing holding us up is the painting.

Dinning room window - almost finished.

Bedroom windows (before)

After undercoat