Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More digging

The digging continued yesterday... and boy did they dig!!!
This was our front door... um dont think we'll be going in that anytime soon!
This big gaping hole is where our stairs are going to be.

A lot of the dirt to the left of this picture also needs to go.. this is being done today.
The house is sitting pretty high now.

They got a good system going so that minimal damage is done to our driveway. The little digger would dig out the dirt, the bobcat would scoop it up, take it to the top of the driveway where the big digger would scoop it up and transfer to the truck to be taken away.

The 'boss' taking a well earnt break...
The house lifting guys hard at work securing the house in a different place so the digger can dig out the dirt where the stairs and block retaining wall are going.
These guys are great at teamwork.. everyone just seemed to know what they were doing - I guess when you've been doing it as long as them then you know your job.

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