Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lift Off...

We have lift off!

On Friday the house lifting company came in and lifted our house about 700mm up from where it was sitting.

This will be dropped back to approx 450mm above where it was - a council requirement to the tune of approx $8k extra.

Looking down the driveway

Before the big clean up in preperation for the digger arriving today. Big thanks to Mum and Dad for their sweat and more sweat.. :)

The front door is a little difficult to get to now.. should deter those hawkers eh?

Our new front door! What a bargin we got. A NZ Kauri door off trademe for $190. It is about 10 years old but has never been installed into a house and is in lovely condition. A savings of $400 from our budget.

The littlest helper.. although he did spend a consderable amount of time eating the chocolate biscuits bought for Granddad. Check out his blog for some further pictures.

After the big clean up except the pile of rubble to the left, that has been there for the past 5 years so we didnt feel we really wanted to disturb it with our hands... best left for the digger.

Our new bathroom stuff got delivered on Friday (and saturday because their truck wasnt big enough)
these are our new vanity cupboards. The two you can see are the double ones. One going into our bathroom so Paul and I dont have to fight over the tap in the mornings when brushing our teeth. The other in the main bathroom.

The smaller one to go into Logans bathroom.
The double top is similar to this but it has two sinks and it is simlar to a wave in the middle.

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