Monday, March 10, 2008

Digging has begun

Yesterday the digging underneath the house started.
A fair amount was done. Today the house lifters came back to work with the digger driver in finishing the job. As the dirt is taken away the houselifters will move the supports into the middle so Bill our digger dude can get in and dig where they are at the moment.
Apparently, after talking to the house lifter this morning there will be a bunch of supports in the middle of the house with extra supports beyond the house and big steal beams stretching out to meet them.

I dare say we will visit tonight to see the end result and take some more pictures.
Next steps:
  • Its all marked out, the block layers do the retaining walls.
  • Dad organises the concrete floor to be poured.
  • The framing is done
  • The house is lowered into place

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