Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the digging continues

Day three...

More dirt was taken from our property yesterday, I did asked Dad tounge in cheek, that since we have taken away most of the 'land' on our property would our land value drop - thus reducing the money collected by the tax man hahahahaha

One brave man! You would not get me walking over this tiny plank above that HUGE hole in a million years! *shudder*

The littlest boss giving his approval

As you can see the house lifting guys were back again to move the supports away from the left side of the house, this is so the retaining wall guy has plenty of access to build them.

We are getting there! The digging is probably finish by now, I got told yesterday that they anticipated they had 1/2 a day left. It was scheduled to be a 2 day job but the amount of
cr%p they found in the dirt was amazing... huge boulders of concrete and layer upon layer of glass panes... not to mention the ground was rock hard making their job more difficult.

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