Thursday, July 31, 2008

One week to go!!!!!

Its all coming together now with one more week till we move back home (big Yay)
We had a leak in the roof during the week unfortunately which has caused the paint to peel in the kitchen :(
And the benchtop installer let me down by not arriving as planned today, I was so looking forward to seeing my kitchen almost finished. You'll notice we've had the cabinets repainted from the delightful apricot colour to white and new handles will be going on over the weekend.
the floor is looking sooooo nice.... the little inspector has had lots of fun running around on them already..
The little inspectors bathroom (the cabinet is to be moved to the left a bit)
Our ensuite (similar to the above except for the double handbasin)
And our wardrobe (walk in of course) Our wonderful builder scored some meltica super cheap so made up some organisers - the man of the house still thinks they are a waste of time though as everything gets filed "On the floor" *rolleyes*

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