Monday, July 21, 2008

The count down is on!!!!!!

We did it! All the main painting has been completed inside. There is still a bit of finishing to do around windows/doors and the stairs but its not going to be so labour intensive as the past two weeks have been. My poor husband worked 13 days out of the last 14 making this happen!

Down the stairs.. carpet is being laid in two weeks time.
At the bottom of the stairs (check out the storage - yay)
Down the hall from the master bedroom.

Master bedroom
Spare room
Logan's room
The floors are being sanded now, the vinyl is being laid at the end of this week, plumber & electrician in next week and then final touch ups of paint then we are all good to go moving back in on the 9th of August.

We will have been out of our house for one week shy of 6 months.

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