Monday, August 11, 2008

We made it!!!!!!!

We finally moved back in last weekend (I think it was one week shy of six months) It feels so good to be home.

For the most part we are unpacked.

The dinning room.

The kitchen.. I love my kitchen!
The pantry... awesome! The doors are going to be taken off in the coming weeks and sent to the finishers to be spray painted the same white as the kitchen cabinets. I need to get some sort of order to the pantry but at least it fits everything *wink*
Doors closed... Dad is installing bi-fold runners today.
The little inspectors first bath in the HUGE bathtub. He enjoyed himself!
The lounge... note the new addition to our family a nice 42" LCD that I won from ASB. It feels so much nicer than our old lounge, very cosy but not cramped. Funny as the way we've set it up its actually only 1/2 a metre wider than our old lounge yet it makes all the difference.
Master bedroom... wow I knew it was going to be big but its HUGE! The first night we didnt sleep very well as I dont think either of us were used to so much space around us.

The litte inspectors room... he was incredibly happy to have all his stuff around him again, I'd put away lots of toys that he was given for his last birthday but were still a bit old for him yet. Now they are perfect and he is having lots of fun playing with them.

Will update with some other pics when we get them sorted.. the main bathroom is having tiles put up today, the spare room gets its first guest this weekend so I will finish tidying that tonight.

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