Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doors and Windows

We are still waiting on a couple of doors and windows to be made for us, we are having a bi-fold window made for the kitchen, yay, nice big window going out to the deck.

And french doors to go into the hole below. Its being made to look like the window next to it, we didn't want to change the look of the house, which is quite an expensive choice. It will be worth it though as the house will still retain the character we fell in love with.

The front door we bought off trademe for the super price has been installed.. we really like it! And then.. you open the front door to find our stained glass window. I think it looks fabulous.

View from the back...
Next stop gib boarding!
We had an inspection yesterday (the inspector from hell....) he was a total idiot and was hung up over something else that needs to be done from his last inspection (that has nothing to do with the house by the way) and was going to refuse to do this inspection, but dad sorted him out and he gave us permission to gib the inside walls but we have to wait till the french door and bifold door arrive before we can line the outside walls... *sigh* Oh well better than having the job stopped I guess.

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