Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We have stairs

The stairs were delivered and installed on Monday, which has made the builders happy (not to mention us.. that big hole was giving me the shivers)
The little 'inspector' thinks they are great and keeps wanting to go up and down them - started us on fitness schedule I think)

You'll see that the flooring has been laid at the entrance way too

Yesterday and today the flooring is being laid in the kitchen/bathroom. It would have been finished yesterday if the place I called last Thursday kept their word and put aside the flooring we needed, instead the **** went and sold it in the weekend - despite there being a sold sign on it. Was a little frustrating to say the least.

You'll also notice the deck is being waterproofed (our carport will be under it) the contractor who is doing it for us is a golfer at Dads golf club, he told us our options for colour is a choice of Grey, Grey or Grey (which luckily works in with our colour scheme) but we found out last week he was being cheeky as we do have a choice of other colours - we have decided to stick with Grey.

I havent grilled the builder as to what the next step is so I cant say for sure.. Im guessing it will be to finally start closing the place in.

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