Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moving along and making a mess

Things are moving along nicely (I still say we have the best builders in the world)

The frame work has started for our entrance way and stairs.
The back deck has the start of a floor (this will be coated with a product that makes it waterproof so our carport underneath stays nice and dry) The railing will be built in and clad with weatherboards around the outside to match the house.
The framework for the extension of the house.
And the big muddy mess out the back! (although this is nothing compared to early this morning - we had taken two trailer loads of wood to the dump by this photo) Try as we might we could not find anyone who wanted firewood in the short time we had to find a home for it. The drainlayer is coming on monday so we need to have the backyard clear for him. I am informed tonight that two more truck loads of dirt will be trucked away, with large pit left that will be filled with scoria to collect the water that runs off from the house/driveway etc and eventually dispersed into the ground, rather than flowing above ground and into our neighbours property.
Tomorrows job.... cut and move the rest of this wood and tidy up the backyard in preperation for the next big mess to be made!

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